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本文摘要:General Electric led a trio of groups planning big takeovers yesterday to lift the value of transactions launched in October to more than $500bn, in what has unexpectedly become one of the busiest months for dealmaking on record.昨日,通用电气(GE


General Electric led a trio of groups planning big takeovers yesterday to lift the value of transactions launched in October to more than $500bn, in what has unexpectedly become one of the busiest months for dealmaking on record.昨日,通用电气(GE)等三家谋划实行大型并购的集团宣告收购消息,推展10月发动的收购交易额多达5000亿美元,让10月车祸地沦为有史以来收购交易最挤迫的月份之一。The surge in blockbuster mergers and acquisitions signalled renewed corporate confidence in the outlook for the US economy, dealmakers said, even as the country’s highly charged presidential race concludes in just a week.交易相爱者回应,在美国高度紧绷的总统竞选只剩一周之际,大型收购交易的剧增指出了企业对美国经济前景的信心。


Operating conditions have not changed drastically in recent years: companies are struggling to increase sales and historically low borrowing rates have made acquisitions an attractive way to boost revenue. That combination has provided the impetus for a multiyear boom in dealmaking led by industries where companies are seeking consolidation to gain scale over competitors and leverage over customers.近年来,美国的经营环境仍然没再次发生明显转变:企业无法提高销售额,正处于历史低位的借款利率使并购沦为一种极具吸引力的减免方式。这一局面促成了许多行业倒数多年的交易热潮,这些行业内的公司正在谋求统合,以取得比较竞争对手的规模优势和对客户的影响力。

“I’ve never tried to think about politics in terms of when I time deals,” Jeff Immelt, GE chief executive, said of his $25bn deal to acquire oil and gas services provider Baker Hughes. “The time do these things is right now...when there is a level of uncertainty, not whenever things are known.”通用电气首席执行官杰夫.伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)在谈到250亿美元的通用电气并购石油和天然气服务提供商贝克休斯(Baker Hughes)的交易时回应,“在自由选择交易时机方面,我未曾企图考虑到政治因素。做到这些事情的时机就是现在……还不存在些许不确定性的时候,而不是情况早已明朗的时候。”The company formed by combining GE’s oil and gas equipment manufacturing unit with Baker Hughes will create a powerful rival to oil services group Schlumberger, with $32bn in annual revenues and operations in 120 countries.由通用电气旗下石油和天然气设备生产部门与贝克休斯拆分而出的新公司,年收入将约320亿美元,业务遍布120个国家,将沦为油田服务公司斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger)的强劲输掉。

Elsewhere, CenturyLink, the US telecoms group, said it would buy the larger Level 3, which provides infrastructure that allows business to connect to the internet safely, for $34bn, including debt, and private equity group Blackstone said it would acquire TeamHealth, a US provider of physician services, for $6.1bn, including debt.此外,美国电信集团CenturyLink回应,将以340亿美元(不含债务)并购体量更大的Level 3。后者获取老大企业安全性终端互联网的基础设施。投资基金股权集团黑石(Blackstone)回应,将以61亿美元(不含债务)并购美国医疗服务提供商TeamHealth。The transactions capped the seventh most-active month for global MA with $502.8bn of deals, according to data from Dealogic. Attempts for US-based companies accounted for $329.1bn of that amount, just shy of a monthly record set in July of 2015.Dealogic的数据表明,10月份以5028亿美元的交易量,沦为全球收购交易第七活跃的月份。

牵涉到美国企业的交易额为3291亿美元,仅有略低于2015年7月刷新的纪录。The remarkable surge in MA activity in October comes after a sluggish 2016 for dealmakers. Until recently, chief executives have been reluctant to make big bets in the US due to the turmoil associated with the presidential race and an Obama administration that has acted to block several megadeals.经历交易酸甜的今年头9个月之后,10月份收购活动经常出现明显攀升。由于美国总统竞选引发的恐慌以及奥巴马政府取消了多个大型收购案,首席执行官们直到最近仍然不愿在美国展开大规模押注。


Some argue that October’s burst was partly thanks to the growing poll lead of Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee, over Republican rival Donald Trump. The FBI’s decision to release new details about its investigation into Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email server could choke off the trend.有人指出,10月收购交易愈演愈烈的部分原因在于,民主党奖提名总统候选人希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在民调中对共和党输掉唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的优势不断扩大。美国联邦调查局(FBI)要求发布其对希拉里用于私人电子邮件服务器情况的调查的新细节,可能会让这种趋势早夭。Scott Barshay, a senior dealmaker at law firm Paul Weiss, said the recent spree, which includes ATT’s agreement to buy Time Warner for about $108bn, including debt, featured deals that had strong long-term rationales as well as few regulatory hurdles.宝维斯律师事务所(Paul Weiss)高级交易相爱人斯科特.巴尔杜(Scott Barshay)回应,最近这股收购狂潮——还包括ATT表示同意以大约1080亿美元(不含债务)并购时代华纳(Time Warner)——的主角,是那些从将来来看具备充份合理性并且不不存在多少监管障碍的交易。“They were not just synergy or financial plays, rather they were highly strategic, landscape-changing business combinations in their respective industries,” Mr Barshay said. “We don’t expect any of them to have great difficulty in obtaining regulatory approvals around the world.”“这些交易某种程度出于协同效应或财务考量,而堪称在各自行业中具备高度战略眼光、可以转变格局的企业拆分,”巴尔谢说, “我们预计,这几项交易在取得世界各地的监管批准后方面都没过于大艰难。





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